The proposition is simple: Technology should make you more competitive, and transform the way you do business. Only Cloud software can automate your operations, report real-time trends, and allow true browser-only access. Not traditional accounting software. We deliver on the promise of Cloud, with offerings from Intacct and NetSuite, and with expertise in accounting, reporting, project management, and the underlying system.  All critical to successfully implementing enterprise software, and transforming your business operations.

Success Implementing Enterprise Software

To transform your business we follow a four-step plan. In-depth assessment allows us to design a system to automate your business. This occurs before implementation. Our training and support follows a well-built system.

Accounting Software Implementation Process | NDH

Managing Your Long-Term Success

We manage for long-term success, and differentiate our services, using the expertise we’ve developed over the past twelve years. Here’s our recipe for making your implementation work:

  • Build a Bridge — Develop a strong working relationship with your team, and leverage our collective efforts. This speeds the implementation, and ensures the system rollout keeps with your requirements. Building trust is critical to long-term success.
  • Manage with the End in Mind — Deliver the valued solution we planned with you for your business. For you, this could translate to greater efficiency, visibility, speed, compliance, and/or ability to scale. To keep your goals in mind at each stage of design and implementation.
  • Draw on Experience — Utilize our knowledge base and experience with implementing and supporting systems. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about our offered solutions, allowing us to find creative and detailed solutions to your needs.
  • Apply Best-Practice Project Management — Follow a project plan or roadmap with a defined set of end goals. Our project plans create structure for managing the innumerable details involved with bringing your system live, and supporting your custom use.
  • Support Accounting Standards — Configure your system to comply with accepted standards for transaction processing, internal controls, and reporting. We rely on GAAP and IFRS, and incorporate other specialized standards, including those for not-for-profit, government contractors, and funds.
  • Incorporate Management & Metrics Reporting — Deploy financial dashboards, management reports, and workbenches to draw the attention of your key stakeholders. These tools allow your Exec.’s to get immediate visibility into the Co.’s financial position and results.
  • Utilize Templates — Maintain a series of reporting and configuration templates to standardize setup and compliance. Our templates, including a financial reports library, significantly minimizes the time and effort involved with the initial configuration of your system.
  • Make it Yours — Train for self-sufficiency so the system becomes personalized to your needs for access, performance, and reporting. Our goal is for you to be a “super-user,” able to maintain and modify the system according to your ongoing needs.
  • Divide & Conquer — Align with skilled technology partners for e-commerce integration services. This allows us to maintain overall project management, but tap specialty practices. Applies in instances of integrating Intacct or NetSuite with other web-based applications.
  • Know the Product & Marketplace — Stay current with updates to our offered solutions, and the cloud accounting marketplace. Regularly scheduled enhancements, and other market changes, can have significant impact on your use, with our goal of determining which apply.

Here’s Our Staff

Seth Pomeroy
Seth Pomeroy on LinkedIn | NDH Group

Seth Pomeroy, CPA, MIS

(312) 461-0505 |

Seth is the Partner-in-Charge of CFO and Accounting Technology services. His responsibilities include developing expertise and content in these practice areas, and actively managing technology implementations and CFO engagements. His prior professional experience in capital markets helps guide his real-time approach to decision-making and system analytics.

EXPERTISE: Financial Strategy/Operations, Accounting Technology, Financial Reporting & Metrics

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Robert Reed
Robert Reed on LinkedIn | NDH Group

Robert Reed

(312) 461-0846 |

Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy and Finance from DePaul University. He joined the firm in February 2005 as an intern and is now a Senior Associate. Robert assists with accounting technology implementations and has co-authored several accounting systems use documents. He also works with businesses to complete their monthly financial reporting requirements. Robert is currently a CPA exam candidate.

EXPERTISE: Accounting Systems Implementation & Training, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Intacct Implementation

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Tanner Warner
Tanner Warner on LinkedIn | NDH Group

Tanner Warner

(312) 929-2183 |

Tanner joined NDH in January 2015 and specializes in financial reporting and accounting technology for businesses. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree in Accountancy from Western Illinois University. Prior to joining NDH, Tanner was a project manager in the electronic switchgear production and distribution industry. He is currently pursuing his CPA.

EXPERTISE: Financial Reporting & Analysis

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Sherry Huang
Sherry Huang on LinkedIn | NDH Group

Sherry Huang

(312) 929-2183 |

Sherry holds a Master of Accounting degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade. She joined NDH in March 2013 and specializes in financial statement compilations and accounting systems implementations. Besides her bi-lingual background, she had experience in a public accounting firm and a manufacturing company prior to joining the firm.

EXPERTISE: Back-Office Accounting Solutions, Financial Reporting & Analysis, Accounting Systems Implementation

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Kristin Derby
Kristin Derby on LinkedIn | NDH Group

Kristin Derby

(312) 461-0514 |

Kristin attended the University of Chicago where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biological Sciences. She also spent her time on campus working as an office assistant at the Oriental Institute. Kristin joined NDH in June 2012 as the Office Manager and Accounting Assistant. She handles the administrative aspect of the office as well as client billing.

EXPERTISE: Administration and Billing