IM & U’s – Intacct support documents are arranged by related module use

Company Module > Access, subscriptions, and system configuration

General Ledger Module > Account, journal, and book management, financial reporting

Cash Management Module > Bank account setup, payment options, transfers, and CC management

Accounts Receivable Module > Customer setup, invoicing and adjustments, receipts administration

Accounts Payable Module > Vendor setup, bills and adjustments, payment execution

Inventory Control Modules > Use of Order Entry, Purchasing, and Inventory Control Modules

Project Accounting Modules > Use of Project Accounting, and Time & Expenses Modules

Consolidation Modules > Use of Multi-Entity Consolidation, and Multi-Currency Features

Platform/Customization Module > Smart options, custom invoicing, and ad hoc reporting

Other Services > Web Services, payment intermediaries, other pre-integrated services