Startup Leadership Program in Chicago Gets a Visit From NDH

As part of the continually-evolving curriculum of the Chicago chapter of the Startup Leadership Program, NDH was honored to be invited back to 1871 as a presenter to the current group of program Fellows. This time, NDH focused on the basics of accounting as a start-up or small business. As a small business or start-up in the early stages of growth and development, general accounting knowledge is vital. Not only do investors typically require a look at projected figures and financial information, but having an idea of where a start-up is headed financially and what will be required to get there is a necessary step in growth and long-term survival. With our extensive background and current work in start-up business advising and planning, NDH is in a unique position to offer guidance on where to focus for start-up CEOs. Our beginnings as an entrepreneurial business venture coupled with our continued accounting service and support for many small businesses have given us insight into what is required of start-ups from an accounting perspective, as well as how to best help them.

Specific topics covered in our presentation included a review of basic financial statements, estimating start-up costs, and budgeting and projection techniques. For more information on the start-up business topics presented, contact us at


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