Kristen Schrader


Kristen Schrader graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a double major in Theatre and Sociology. After beginning her career in theatre management at the Goodman at the Apollo, she joined the firm in 2019. As our Head of HR, Kristen strives to support our team and help it grow via recruiting and our internship program.  She also serves as our Chief Entertainment Officer.  In her spare time, Kristen is an actress and producer for the film production company she runs with her husband.

EXPERTISE: Human Resources, Recruiting, Event Management, Administration

  • Favorite thing about NDH: How supported I feel by everyone on the team! Everyone at NDH always has your back – whether you need advice, additional resources, time, encouragement, a sympathetic ear, or just another pair of hands. Your teammates will be there for you.
  • Desert island book: For enjoyment: “The Once and Future Witches” by Alix E. Harrow.  For length: “World Without End” by Ken Follett.
  • Favorite vacation you’ve taken: My brother was married in Germany. I spent three days in Amsterdam, three days in Paris, and three days in Frankfurt. It was amazing!
  • What is your side gig/passion project/hobby? In addition to being an actress, I’m a painter! My medium of choice is acrylic and my subjects are primarily animals or fantasy landscapes.
  • Favorite way to celebrate your birthday: I’d want to go out for margaritas and guac with friends, and then go to Musical Theatre Night at Sidetracks until I lose my voice!
  • What would your last meal be? I could pretend to be fancy but instead I’ll be honest and say a Kaijo burger and fries from Kuma’s Corner. But I’d pair it with a really nice Malbec.