Morgan Dominguez


Morgan Dominguez earned her bachelor’s of science in Elementary Education from Northern Illinois University in 2018 and began her career teaching first and fourth grade math in Chicago. Seeking new challenges, she transitioned to NDH in late 2023 as an Executive Assistant, where she excels in managing scheduling, coordinating meetings, and performing administrative tasks. Currently pursuing a master’s of science in Management and Leadership, Morgan is working on enhancing her leadership and strategic management skills. Outside of work, she enjoys trying new foods, baking, and spending time outdoors through activities like swimming and hiking.

Expertise: Administration

  • Favorite thing about NDH: It’s a very close tie between the emphasis on work-life balance and the incredible company culture. The employees here make every day enjoyable; they’re not only helpful but also impressive experts in their craft. With such a supportive environment, the work-life balance at NDH is a game changer that allows me to excel and progress in my role while still having time for myself outside of work.
  • Favorite vacation: My favorite vacation so far has been when I spent five months in Beijing, China. In addition to teaching English as a second language, I was able to completely immerse myself in the culture, explore beautiful historical sites, and try so many new foods within the diverse Asian cuisine. Being able to hike the Great Wall of China was my favorite part. It was truly an unforgettable experience, although the 98% humidity is holding me back from returning in the near future.
  • What is your side gig/passion project/hobby? As a side gig, I enjoy writing and editing resumes to help people present their best professional selves. I’m also passionate about fitness and love baking healthy versions of sweet treats!
  • Favorite workout or sport to play? Lately, I’ve been dabbling in short runs, trying to work my way up to a 10k. Although I am content with a modest 5k… breaking any records is probably not in my foreseeable future.
  • What would your last meal be? My last meal would undoubtedly be a perfectly cooked steak smothered in lots of butter, accompanied by cheesy potatoes au gratin, asparagus, and a slice of cherry cheesecake for dessert. No substitutions.