Stock Option Planning

Stock options and related deferred compensation arrangements represent a large source of wealth for many individuals. We help you navigate the many tax pitfalls to maximize post-exercise value, minimize tax exposure and manage cash flow.

We work with banking executives, Fortune 500 employees and technology start-up members to create an option exercise plan geared toward minimizing taxes. Focused on the AMT, employment taxes and future tax rates, our strategies eliminate the guesswork and create a road map for locking in your wealth. Our clients walk away with an increased knowledge of their deferred compensation plans and a multi-year strategy for exercising their options.

Our stock option services include:

  • Cash flow analysis to mitigate tax surprises
  • AMT planning
  • Multi-year projections to model the tax implications of various exercise scenarios
  • Education to explain the different tax characteristics of your deferred compensation arrangements
  • Recommended exercise strategy given your risk tolerance and company performance expectations
  • Stock basis tracking for the exercise of incentive stock options

With careful planning and our help, your stock options can substantially increase your wealth without creating a tax compliance burden.