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Why Sage Intacct?

How Do I Know It’s a Solid Fit for Me?

Your business is professional services, franchise/multi-location, healthcare, financial management, E-commerce, software, media, or you’re a not-for-profit. You need powerful accounting software, but want to integrate CRM from Salesforce, an E-commerce site, or expense management tools. And, your new system should easily automate workflows, with results analyzed in-real-time. Sage Intacct’s architecture is suited to you. Incidentally, you won’t be alone: 8,500 business with 55K related entities leverage Sage Intacct’s world-class reporting, custom features, quarterly releases, and 99.99% uptime. Make your business more efficient, and drive performance and growth without adding hardware, software, or staff.

What makes Sage Intacct Different

Here are seven reasons that differentiate Intacct from other enterprise accounting software, and why it makes a difference to your business:

1. Cloud: Pure & Reliable – 100% Cloud, with a 99.99% 12 month availability average. How do those %’s translate? Cost savings from no software, hardware, updates, or remote access setup required for the typical fake cloud (hosted software) offerings from Microsoft and company. Also, think of the amount of work you can get done from anywhere, with virtually no downtime.

2. Product Innovation – Updates are released quarterly, and always support customizations you’ve made. Updates are the propriety of all users, and don’t require you to manually apply them. Microsoft and other legacy systems are bound to paid-for releases, manual updates, and require their partners to own the customization they’ve applied to your software.

3. Best in Class Approach – Intacct concentrates its efforts on cutting edge accounting and reporting features. Hence, “best-in-class financials.” It also focuses on opening-up its system to integrate with other “best of” software, like CRM from Salesforce. The resulting, “Best in Class” approach, takes advantage of the best functionality from different software vendors.

4. Excellence in Reporting – Intacct’s architecture, including dimensions, multi-journal, and multi-book, and features like flex reporting, support users in their quest to create highly detailed financials and metrics. From these underlying features come custom dashboards, which support your real time analysis of business results, risks, and opportunities.

5. Ace in the Hole Features – For companies who need multi-entity consolidation, revenue recognition and contract management, integration, custom workflows, and specialized financial reporting, Intacct provides a competitive advantage. Why? They solve complex business requirements, but are easier to implement, and more flexible than the competitors.

6. Growth – According to Red Herring, Intacct is one of the fastest growing privately held companies. Vibrant growth translates into more product innovation, customer-based improvements, and financial health. It validates a shift to the Cloud, and a positive future for users like you, who depend on partners working to innovate as fast as you do.

7. Happy Customers – In December, 2014 G2Crowd announced that Intacct has the highest satisfaction in the Accounting Software category based on end-user reviews. With nearly 120 customer reviews on G2Crowd, Intacct is positioned in the Leaders quadrant of the latest G2Crowd’s Accounting Software Products Grid. Happy is good.

Does the Sage Intacct Partner Make a Difference?

As an Intacct subscriber, the partner is critical. Why? First, implementing enterprise accounting software requires experience. We’ve been an Intacct Partner for 12 years -developing significant expertise implementing the system, and training users. Second, you’re buying accounting software. If your partner isn’t an expert in accounting and reporting, you’ll likely miss a lot of value, or pay for fixes later. Our firm is managed by CPA’s, who know current accounting and reporting standards. Finally, with Intacct, the partner is the exclusive provider of implementation and support. This works to your advantage as our discovery process, experience, and accounting expertise work together to implement a custom, and technically correct system. Our support follows a well-built system.

Concerned About Mitigating Risk? We Are Too.

Mitigating risk is the highest priority in our partnership with you. That’s why we ensure our software partners, like Sage Intacct, are backed by the highest level of protection, certifications, and review. It’s also why we take the design and implementation of your project so seriously. Here’s a few points of assurance for you:

  • Sage Intacct offers a “Buy with Confidence” guarantee
  • World-class security is assured by hosting partner Savvis
  • AICPA endorses Sage Intacct as its preferred provider of financial applications
  • System controls aid in meeting Sox compliance
  • NDH discovery and project plan guide your implementation

Details of Sage Intacct Risk Management & Controls

  • Buy with Confidence Guarantee – You want a service level agreement that really means something? Intacct provides assurances: 99.8% uptime, 2 hour data loss limit, and your ownership of the underlying data.  And, for any customization or integration you’ve built, that they will continue to work as originally designed after updates. All guaranteed in writing.
  • World-Class Security – Intacct applications and data are maintained by Savvis in redundant data centers, with the most comprehensive physical and electronic safeguards. Not a JV level service provider.
  • AICPA Preferred Provider – The American Institute of CPAs selected Intacct as its preferred provider of financial applications for it’s GAAP-compliance, internal controls, and financial reporting capabilities. No other accounting software system.
  • Controls to Meet Sox Compliance – Intacct sponsors transaction approvals, custom workflows, and audit trails to help companies prove a standard of internal controls exist. All essential in a Sox audit.
  • NDH Assessment & Project Plan – As your partner, we assess whether your business requirements can be met by Intacct before the sale, model them, and then incorporate them into your project plan.  We aim to stop buyer’s remorse.

I Need Other Software for My Business. What Now?

No problem. Sage Intacct’s position as “best in class financials” (best accounting and reporting software) is accompanied by options for integrating with other “best of” systems. The resulting, “Best in Class” approach, takes advantage of the best functionality from different software vendors (E.G. Sage Intacct’s integration with premier CRM, Salesforce). An Ideal strategy for companies who don’t want to pay for an all-encompassing suite solution, or who have their own software to integrate. Good integration drives real returns, including eliminating redundant data entry, increased data integrity, and better visibility of your financial position and results.

“A system that is not sufficiently flexible to meet changing business demands is an anchor, not a sail, holding the business back, not driving it forward.” (Gartner, Inc)

The Mark of Good Integration

To make different applications work well together, there must be a common host or common gateway to allow them to interface. Sage Intacct acts as a common host for Marketplace Applications and Pre-integrated Solutions, and maintains a common gateway (Sage Intacct Web Services) for integration to other business applications, like your e-commerce site. Integration, as considered here, solves large scale data sharing needs, eliminates multiple databases, and reduces duplicate tasks, often data entry. Additional details of these solutions include:

  • Marketplace Applications – These are 3rd party applications or modules, purchased separately, but accessed from your Intacct desktop (a menu option). They include solutions for payroll processing, sales tax management, and CRM integration. They’re hosted by Intacct, share data directly into the Intacct database, and often allow you to outsource complex processing (E.G. tax and regulatory compliance).
  • Preintegrated Solutions – The Holy Grail of integration or “middleware” written and maintained by Intacct, which allows you to connect directly with other applications, like Salesforce, or a third party service such as American Express check delivery. They offer the greatest ease of use, the least effort to bring live, and the most immediate payback. Users are able to subscribe to these offerings directly through their Intacct Partner.
  • Intacct Web Services – A dedicated application program interface (API) for programming “talk” between Intacct and your other applications. Intacct’s web service APIs offer flexibility when integrating, giving your developers access to a majority of the Intacct objects (meaning they can programmatically address practically anything done by manual keystrokes). Web services are maintained by Intacct, with a strong developer community promoting their use.

Hitting the mark of good integration means the following benefits:

  • Quick Payback – Reduce manual work processes, thus lowering staff hours and costs
  • Fast Deployment – Expedite the setup and configuration process, giving you fast access
  • Everywhere Access – Eliminate hosting and maintenance concerns, with the power of the Cloud
  • Accelerated Workflow – Integrated into your work processes, through easy access menu options
  • Forward Compatibility – Update with other Intacct system changes, avoiding reimplementation
  • Redundancy Eliminated – Share a common database and data model -reducing duplication

Intacct’s software updates have been seamless and have had no impact, other than delivering new capabilities, during our 3+ years of adding hundreds of Intacct customers using dozens of integration points and associated features.(Neil Wainwright, CEO, Nexonia)

Top Sage Intacct Integration Solutions for Your Business

  • Amex Payment Services – Paper check payments executed by American Express, and selected straight from your Intacct Pay Bills screen. Eliminate all check stock supplies, and staff time to prepare manual checks. The cost makes it a no-brain.
  • Avalara – Manages all sales tax calculations, form submittal, and payment remittances to applicable tax jurisdictions. Integrates directly into Intacct through sales invoice transactions. Time saving for any company with multi-state tax obligations.
  • Online Payment Receipt – Processes online payment receipts using Authorize.net or Paypal. Gives you one-step maintenance, and electronic receipts processing, without the need to prove PCI compliance for your organization.
  • Ameriflex Payroll – Payroll, HR, and time entry managed by a full-service payroll provider, with all resulting payroll entries posted to Intacct. Supports detailed payroll entries using a full-range of dimensions, including department, class, location, etc.
  • IntacctMax for Salesforce – Manage customers, items, prices, and other objects from a common record set shared between Intacct and Salesforce. Post sales invoices from Salesforce into Intacct, and allow your sales staff to access charge and payment history related to their accounts.
  • Nexonia Expenses – Submit expense reports using Nexonia’s app for iPhone or Android, with direct integration to Intacct. Employees capture receipts, credit card transactions, and mileage, for approval and conformity to company expense policies, before automated posting to Intacct.

What Does Sage Intacct Cost? And, What’s the ROI?

Sage Intacct pricing is simple. An annual subscription fee for core financials, and one for user seats and add-on modules (fees cover all data maintenance, quarterly updates, and data storage). Costs for starter packages are about $420 a month, which includes nine core applications, with many advanced features for managing your business and reporting. For larger enterprises, with more users, entities, and advanced features, subscriptions can be several thousand a month, but readers should consider ROI, or value in excess of cost, to make an informed buying decision.

We can assist you with a straightforward ROI evaluation. Using the alternative of costs related to typical manual processes, like offline spreadsheets and duplicate data entry from disconnected systems, we analyze what it costs to keep doing business as is, versus the alternative of an Sage Intacct subscription. And/or, we review your hardware, hosting fees, remote access software, and the maintenance of backups (costs eliminated using Cloud accounting). For most of our prospects, the payoffs of a move to Sage Intacct provides real dollar returns, and brings additional benefits.

Intacct ROI? We Use Nucleus Research for Evaluations.

Read About Additional Payoffs in a Move to Sage Intacct

  • Staffing – Reduce or eliminate staff from greater efficiency of workflows
  • Accuracy of Financial Reporting – Increase financial reporting accuracy using custom transaction definitions
  • Detail of Financial Reports – Segment data and reports according to seven standard dimensions, and unlimited optional dimensions
  • Actionable Financial Information – Use dashboards to get immediate visibility of your financial position and results
  • Internal Controls – Use system audit logs, approvals, and role-based permissions to substantiate a practice of internal controls
  • Scale – Manage your long-term strategy for revenue, employee, entity, and/or international market growth without the need to migrate

Sage Intacct Sounds Good. I Want More Information.

In just a few minutes you can see the benefits Sage Intacct will have for your business. Call us at 312.461.0505, or leave your contact information below.